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Annual vehicle safety inspections are required by the state of Massachusetts.
Many criteria are checked, with primary concern for limited vehicle emissions and the safety of the driver and passengers.

There is a set procedure each inspector must go through on each and every inspection.  many of the diagnostics are computerized and set for the acceptable tolerances.

At the end of the inspection, vehicles that pass will have a new sticker applied to the windshield.  Vehicles that do not pass will have a rejection sticker applied.  Resolution of the inspection failures is then up to the vehicle's owner.  We can recommend repairs, and in many cases resolve the problem to get you back on the road with an approved sticker.
MA Inspection FAQ's

Vehicle inspections are available Monday through Friday 8 am-5 pm and Saturday 8 am-1 pm. If those hours can't work for you, please call for extended service hours on inspections. We may be able to accommodate you.
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