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Brakes, Suspension, Shocks and Struts
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High Tech Automotive is a  AAA Certified Service Center

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Brake Repair & Maintenance
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Brake systems
Acceleration and getting where you need to be is important, but even more so is being able to stop when you get there. 

Wear-and-tear on brake components can sneak up on you, and deteriorate quickly into a more expensive repair. 

Watch for dash board brake lights, squealing or vibrating noises and "stickiness" or pulling when you do apply the brakes.
Problems can occur with many components of the system:
  • Brake master cylinder damage
  • Routine brake pad wear
  • Rotor or caliper damage
  • Leaking brake fluid lines
  • Electronic sensor malfunction
Steering, Suspension & Alignment
  • Power steering flushes
  • Ball joint replacement
  • Shorck, spring and strut replacement
  • Front end and wheel alignment
Exhaust systems
  • Mufflers and pipes
  • Catalytic converter replacement
These repairs make your vehicle safer to drive and improve performance. Neglecting this routine maintenance can be costly and dangerous.
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